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Chocolat chaud à la Française (hot chocolate french style)


Chocolat chaud à la Français

So, it’s raining today, it’s cold outside and all I want to do is curl up in my bed and watch movies, now, because it’s cold and rainy I need a hot beverage… about hot cocoa I thought!?

How about French Hot cocoa, cause ya know I like it fancy, and I already gave you my sweet and spice recipe, so why not.

The ingredients are very easy and cheap but the final result is a luxurious, creamy chaud delight!
You will need:

– Chocolate, I like the bitter Hershey’s kind, but you can use semi sweet or milk chocolate
– Skim milk
– Condensed milk
– Crème fraiche, or in my case heavy whipping cream

In bain Marie, melt the chocolate until silky, in another pot mix the milks and the crème and add the chocolate, mix all together until everything is smooth and frothy.
Serve in a small cup, small because this is a heavy beverage that needs to be sipped slowly, serve with warm croissants and strawberry jam and you are good to go!

See how silky smooth? Delicious