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Skinny Jeans Pasta


Well summer is here!!!

What about a delicious pasta that won’t break your bank…or your balance and is also fresh enough to cook in a sunny afternoon!

Normally I like to cook more elaborated things, however when is hot outside the least thing I want to do is go to the kitchen, so today I thought of something simple yet delicious with my favorite flavors, now the recepie calls for two garlic cloves because I’m a crazy garlic junkie, but if you are not as passionate about garlic like me, just use one…..ok here we come.

– Spaghetti or any pasta of your choice, I normally use the small barilla packet I think is a 250g, I don’t know oz sorry!
– 2 garlic cloves good size, or just 1 to each it’s own, have them nicely minced
– A bunch of cherry tomatoes, about 10, go by hand and be generous
– Fresh basil chopped by hand so it does’t turn brown
– Fresh mozzarella cheese, diced
– A pinch of dry oregano
– A pinch of dry parsley
For a more summery fresh taste, use fresh parsley and oregano instead.
– Olive Oil
– Sea salt and freshly broken black pepper

In a deep pot of salted boiling water toss the pasta until “al dente” , once I read that the water needed to be as salty as the Mediterranean sea, that’s a motto I live by.

In the mean time, in a sauce pan, put the olive oil until hot, turn the heat down, put the garlic to infuse the oil but be careful not to burn the garlic, just slightly toasted. Then toss the tomatoes until roasted, then, with a fork smash the little guys, add the pepper and salt and move around for a while, then add the oregano and parsley, you want to do this in low heat to give it a nice roast and also give the pasta time to cook. Once the pasta is done, add it to the sauce, turn off the heat and add the basil and mozzarella cheese, cover the sauce pan and mix mix mix like if you were doing pop corn util your arms hurt.

Serve immediately and enjoy!!

I most add that all the ingredients were organic and locally grow, except for the pasta because I couldn’t find a brand and I don’t own a pasta maker.


Credit where credit is due, the pic is not mine, I was too busy eating to take pics, but it looks pretty much the same.




Ok pues esta es mi primera vez haciendo pesto, esa salsa italiana simple pero deliciosa, son solo 5 ingredientes y se hace en menos de 10 minutos.

Es mejor hacerla en un molcajete triturando todos los ingredientes uno por uno y después incorporarlos pero yo no tengo un molcajete o procesador de alimentos así que ni modo la licuadora me llamó.

Espagueti con Pesto



1 1/2 taza de hojas frescas de albahaca
1/3 de taza de queso parmesano y mas para acompañar después
Un puñado de piñones sin tostar
3/4 de taza de aceite de oliva extra virgen o hasta que tenga una buena consistencia.
2 dientes de ajo medianos
Sal marina y pimienta negra recién molida.


Es muy fácil de hacer, si lo hacen con molcajete, se machacan todos los ingredientes por separado y después se incorporan con el aceite de oliva.
Con licuadora o procesador de alimentos, se ponen todos los ingredientes juntos y se va agregando el aceite poco a poco hasta que tenga la consistencia deseada.


Una vez que la pasta esta lista ponla en una sartén grande con una o dos cucharadas del pesto y suficiente agua de la pasta hasta hacer una salsa que cubra uniformemente la pasta.

Se sirve caliente con queso parmesano rasurado.

Es deliciosa y espero que la hagan y me digan que tal les quedo!!